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Our game master has prepared many newly designed games for you, come book the venue if you like our CQB kill house.

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Videos of CQB STUDIO are available on YouTube now! . Please click “YouTube” to watch the videos.

:::: Latest News!

We have just renovated to provide an exciting new battlefield layout.

::: Latest News!

We have just installed new multi-angle closed circuit TV cameras, player can watch all the actions inside the battlefield.

Site operating hours and charges


*Non-Peak Hours: $170 / Peak Hours: $200 / Overnight Hours $200*



Night before Public Holiday

/Public Holiday

















*If equipment rental is required, an additional $100 will be charged (electrical M4 Tactical Pistol, 2,000 issued bb shells and safety mask)

*The minimum number required to book the venue is 8 people. Once a booking has been confirmed the group will have exclusive use of the venue.

*Due to the necessary preparations required before groups arrive, the studio will not be open any earlier than the allotted time. CQB Studio will also not be responsible for any late arrival of groups and will not be oblidged to make up for any lost time as this may affect other group bookings.

*As this is an all-weather indoor workspace, we will endeavour to keep the studio open as much as possible during foul weather conditions, even during Typhoon or Black rainstorm warnings issued by the Hong Kong Observatory. However, groups will have the option to reschedule should they wish.

How to reserve:

1. Call or email to enquire if your desired time slot is available. Temporary reservations without payment of deposit will be held until 19.00h of the day of enquiry.

2. Pay deposit into HSBC Bank account number 416-8-011-395. Minimum deposit required is 30% or $500, whichever is higher. Please contact staff once deposit has been paid so we can confirm reservation. Reservations will not be guaranteed until confirmed by staff.

For HSBC online banking transfer, please e-mail the deposit note to cqbstudio@gmail.com and then call us to confirm the booking.

3. Please bring with the deposit note to our site at the appointment day, the remaining amount of service fee can be paid by cash only at our site.

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