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Our game master has prepared many newly designed games for you, come book the venue if you like our CQB kill house.

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Videos of CQB STUDIO are available on YouTube now! . Please click “YouTube” to watch the videos.

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We have just renovated to provide an exciting new battlefield layout.

::: Latest News!

We have just installed a new multi-angle closed circuit TV cameras, player can watch all the actions inside the battlefield.

About the venue

We are located in Tsuen Wan, along Sha Tsui Road, close to Tsuen Wan MTR Station, Discovery Park and other large shopping centres. The studio covers a total floor area of around 6,000 feet, including a large lounge for briefings, as well as separate changing rooms and lockers. The arena has been uniquely created to include more than 10 different rooms, corridors, low light condition area and halls, which are periodically re-arranged to create an endless number of scenarios and scenes. The arena is also monitored via Closed Circuit Television so participants can view the action live from the lounge, and develop new strategies. Remember, CQB combat requires more than just firepower and speed. Tactical solutions must be skilfully executed with stealth in order to succeed. Due to the close proximity of the participants (typically firing between 3ft to 50 ft), we recommend using pneumatic pistols or short body electric light firearms such as MP5K/MP7A1/P90 between 0.7J and 1.2J to avoid accidental ricochet of bullets. If you require equipment, we can provide you with an electrical MP5K (sub-machine gun). Any guns not complying with the laws of Hong Kong will be strictly prohibited. There is also no need to worry about refreshments as a variety of supplies are available for purchase throughout the day.

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