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Our game master has prepared many newly designed games for you, come book the venue if you like our CQB kill house.

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Videos of CQB STUDIO are available on YouTube now! . Please click “YouTube” to watch the videos.

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We have just renovated to provide an exciting new battlefield layout.

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We have just installed a new multi-angle closed circuit TV cameras, player can watch all the actions inside the battlefield.


CQB STUDIO(CQB) has been setup by a group of passionate enthusiast who enjoy engaging in simulated WARGAME scenarios. We specialise in a unique form of tactical engagement used by Special Forces, known as Close Quarter Battle (CQB) combat. The services we provide including WARGAME sport equipment production, re-engineering, parts selling, equipment testing, storage, as well as warfare scene and props production for movie making。

CQB (CLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE) has recently attracted a lot of interest in the WARGAME arena due to its emphasis not only on skill but also on strategic thinking. WARGAMEs are nothing new in Hong Kong, and have been around for almost 30 years, with its roots originating from popular jungle fighting techniques such as guerrilla warfare. During the last 10 years, outdoor WARGAMEs have become popular, but with increased urbanisation there has been more focus on the development of tactical skills required to engage hostile forces within buildings and ruins in built up areas.

CQB STUDIO has been developed with this specific purpose in mind. We offer a fully air conditioned indoor studio designed to test the wits and prowess of users as they try to negotiate towards their objective. Located in Tsuen Wan, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we have created a purpose built studio based on popular games such as Rainbow 6, SWAT and Counterstrike. If you like adventure and would like to escape the stresses of everyday life, come and join us for some fun!


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