Site rules

1. CQB Studio is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal property, nor any injuries sustained on the site.
2. Only guns complying with the Hong Kong SAR Government statutory guidelines will be permitted on the site.
3. Use of any dangerous weapons such as arrows, CO2 gas guns, darts, etc will not be permitted. CQB Studio reserves the right to confiscate any items deemed to be harmful.
4. Each gun should not exceed 1.4J (Joules) of muzzle velocity.
5. Any grievous bodily harm inflicted, accidentally or intentionally, will be reported to the officials
6. Participants should produce any relevant affiliated membership cards of ID cards upon arrival.
7. Unless authorised by the staff, equipment within the site may not be rearranged or moved.
8. Participants will be responsible for all damages to the equipment onsite, such as the projector box, fluorescent tubes, artificial barrier screen, etc.
9. Group bookings need to nominate a representative who will be responsible for the conduct of all the participants and any damages.
10. No food or drinks are to be brought onsite, unless required by special dietary needs. CQB Studio reserves the right to confiscate such items for the duration of the booking. CQB Studio will not be held responsible if the items perish during the confiscation period.
11. Any accidents or injuries must be reported to staff immediately
12. Only 134A or environmental Competitive gas (toprgas) will be permitted. All other gas operated guns are strictly prohibited.
13. All firing must be conducted within designated zones, under staff supervision.
14. Hong Kong SAR Government legislation requirements must be observed at all times.
15. All participants must abide by the guidance and instruction of staff at all times.
16. Littering, smoking and spitting is strictly prohibited.
17. All reservations are on a first come first serve basis.
18. No foul language or abusive behaviour will be tolerated.
19. CQB Studio reserves the right to amend any of the above rules, at any time, and has the final say in any disputes.